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We wish all of our customers safety through this challenging time.

We are registered with, and have been for the past 11 years, the California State Health Department. Please be assured we follow the very strict requirements as specified by the health department and no products ever comes in contact with human hands during the production of our great products

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Real Curds made from original English Recipes right here in the USA with pure fresh organic juice and no additives, color or flavoring.

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A taste of Britain made right here in the USA

Why Do We Take Such Care?

We are proud of our products because they are all made from original British recipes made right here in the USA with no alternative ingredients or artificial additives and no artificial coloring or preservatives. They are made fresh weekly with only the purest ingredients. Our passion for purity will never allow us to alter our genuine recipes.

What Our Customers Are Saying?



"By far, my favorite of all of the curds is the lemon curd. It makes me feel so luxurious when I stir the Lemon Curd in my yogurt or spread it on a piece of toast. I really believe it's The Two English Ladies consistency and commitment to 100% highest quality. I absolutely love their products".



Love all the curds!  Lemon Curds my favorite. They are delicious stirred in Greek yogurt or topped off on one of Two English Ladies scones.  Great way to start ones day!



"I don't consider myself a chef, but I sure love to cook. I really love all three of The Two English Ladies Vinaigrettes/Marinades, but my favorite is the Orange & Ginger, I love to add it to Salmon and when I do stir fry veggie's. Keep em coming Ladies"!

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