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Summer Grilled Peaches

by: Ryan Cox


  • 4 Wedged Summer Peaches

  • One jar of Two English Ladies Lime Curd

  • One small carton of fresh cream

  • One teaspoon of canola oil

  • Two teaspoons of sugar



Prep | Cook | Ready In

   5 m    6 m      11 m

  • Toss the wedged peaches in canola oil

  • Toss the oiled peaches in sugar prior to grilling

  • Grill peaches for about 6 minutes 

  • Let peaches set while you make the whipped cream

  • Whip the whip cream until it has firm peaks

  • Fold in the Two English Ladies Lime Curds until blended in with the whip cream

  • Dish up the warm peaches and top with a huge dollop of lime curd spiked whipped cream!

  • Yummy!

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