English Scone Mix

Traditional English Scone Mix 


If you have ever had an English Scone, you know there is nothing else like it. Soft, succulent, light and fluffy. Makes 12 English traditional Scones or 24 petite party size.

Makes 1 dozen

Lavender Scone Mix


A delightful variation on the traditional scone mix is our new Lavender Scone Mix. Made with culinary French Lavender. These scones pair well with the Orange and Lemon Curd.

Makes 1 dozen

Gluten Free Scone Mix


With six months of development, our Gluten Free Scone Mix has become a great favorite to those who need to be Gluten Free or those who just choose to be.

You cannot tell the difference in taste from our original Scone mix.

Makes 1/2 dozen

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